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About us

Pašnjak Ltd., International Maritime Transport, Shipbroking and Forwarding

Pašnjak Ltd. is located in the 1700 years old city of Split, economic and cultural centar of Dalmatia, SE of Croatia. Split has a long tradition of shipping, ship – building and maritime culture. The company was established on 15th of December 1999. as a combination of local tradition and the founder's life long experience in shipping & maritime transport.

Pašnjak is involved in all aspects of vessel management, focused particullary on the vessel operations, drydocking, manning, handling of insurance matter, project development, purchasing, cost control and accounting. At the moment, Pašnjak menages 3 vessels: m/v Vicky, m/v Martina M and m/v Anamaria I wich are mainly occupied on the Mediterranean sea. Our first ship - m/v Cetina was sold in November 2003. when we bought m/v Anamaria I. The company's management is providing a constant overview and monitoring of the ships, supported by the services of the technical & administrative personnel.
Because of the strict cost control & purchase policies, our P&L statement each year shows more profit increase.




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